Traveling the Gayfull Soul

In Episode Three of the AgingGayfully Podcast, Chris and Josh discuss the importance of internal travel and finding peace in chaos. They share their experiences with starting a gratitude journal and the power of manifesting and visualization. They emphasize the need to love oneself and recognize one’s talents and skills. The hosts encourage listeners to take action and start small in their journey towards aging gayfully.


  • Internal travel is essential for finding peace and joy in life.
  • Starting a gratitude journal can help shift mindset and bring about positive change.
  • Manifesting and visualization can help prepare the mind for success.
  • Loving oneself and recognizing talents and skills are crucial for happiness and fulfillment.



00:30Traveling to the Gateful Soul

03:10The Importance of Internal Travel

05:20Finding Peace in Chaos

08:30Starting a Gratitude Journal

10:19Manifesting and Visualization

13:27Anticipatory Gratification

15:05Euphoria and Testing the Practice

17:59Recognizing Triggers and Controlling Reactions

22:33Loving Yourself and Recognizing Talents

28:13Taking Action and Starting Small