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My Story ~ Christopher MacLellan

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About AgingGayfully™

Providing a network of social support for seniors through travel

In essence, AgingGayfully™ is a lifestyle; it's a mindset! Happy, Carefree, Cheerful, Lighthearted, just as Webster defined the word "Gay" in the '30s, '40s, and '50s.

The play on words here is while I identify as a gay senior, everyone wants to age gayfully because everyone wants happiness, to live as carefree as possible, to be cheerful, and to age without worry.

AgingGayfully™ is about navigating transitions... "Setting Sail" into new seasons of life:

  • After Leaving a Job... retirement
  • After a Loss... when life transitions
  • Starting a New Relationship
  • Exploring Your Dreams
  • Not Postponing Happiness
  • Identifying and Living Your Passions
  • Stepping Into Your Comfort Zone

You may not know how to set sail, but AgingGayfully™ can help you with these transitions because contentment is possible as we age. Retirement can lead us on a road that offers several paths to a healthy and happy future. Navigating life's transitions in later life affords us many possibilities for sustaining fulfillment as we age gayfully.

AgingGayfully™ is about the second chapter of my story while creating a life to love after caregiving ends.

AgingGayfully™ is about living life with dignity in an age-friendly society regardless of orientation or economic status because longevity is a justice issue.

AgingGayfully™ is about finding your voice as we age. We are all part of the aging process and have real connections in diversity.

AgingGayfully™ is a modern type of activism that supports the concept of belonging.

AgingGayfully™ is about Adventure, Leisure, Travel, and being a citizen of the world, traveling to destinations, and being part of the global community as we age and prosper in body, mind, and spirit.

Scroll through the page to learn more, and register to stay in touch as we continue to develop our website and set "Set Sail" with our Podcast, YouTube channel, vlog, and many other new horizons as we step into our comfort zone while AgingGayfully™. Of course, we do not share or sell your contact information!

Setting Sail to New Horizons!

There is not just one meaning in life; we are constantly discovering ourselves; aging does not hinder this discovery; aging only enlightens it!

Now is the time to begin planning for your next chapter of adventures. AgingGayfully™ is here to help, and we're about more than travel.

Join us as we explore the world and see the possibilities before us.

Man on shore watching sailboat in harbor

Don't Be Left On The Shore!

Live in the moment

AgingGayfully™ encourages a lifestyle that embraces change and refuses to have anyone left on the shore.

Navigating life transitions affords us many possibilities for developing fulfillment as we age.  We simply cannot "Sail Solo!"

Taking stock in what has been and 'Setting Sail' to the new season of life affords us many possibilities for fulfillment as we age gayfully.

Social Tourism

Aging and Ageism are Universal

Social impact is at the core mission of AgingGayfully™.

As tourism is a catalyst for strengthening a local community, AgingGayfully™ will be the catalyst for a community to understand the unique needs of (all) senior LGBT Travelers.

Our intended audience is inclusive. However, LGBT seniors and their spouses, partners, and family have not been a specific focus of the traveling industry.

AgingGayfully™ bridges that gap with a key focus on education travel accessibility as well as gender equality and all of its identifiers.


flags from all over the world

Step Into Your Comfort Zone!

If You Can Dream it...You can do it!

The gift of aging is when we accept the process, then "Shift Happens" and "Set Sail" into new horizons regarding our physical health, financial health, spiritual health, and social interactions.

We step into our comfort zone when we take that first step to follow our dreams, age in happiness, and live life to the fullest.

My first step into my comfort zone was a month-long visit to Spain, where I immersed myself in the beautiful Spanish culture and fell in love with life again.


Meet Beau 

Beau Ties It Together on AgingGayfully™

I've always said..."Wearing a bow tie is like wearing two smiles."  When I'm not wearing my bow tie, my good friend Beau will tie things together for us and be our trusted resource on AgingGayfully™.

Whether it's a friendly hello, updated travel tips, senior-related health or wellness information, or notification of a new podcast or video, Beau Ties it together on AgingGayfully™.

Coming soon to  AgingGayfully™ is "My Green Folder," which will help you secure all your important health and travel documents so you can set sail to new horizons and travel worry free!

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The Love Story Behind "MY Green Folder"

  A Film About Love, Care, and Commitment 

When opposites attract, a gay couple's May-December romance proves to be just what was missing in both their lives and then shows the importance of family – and being someone's one and only – until one of them is diagnosed with a fatal illness and the struggle of caring for each other is exacerbated by the challenges society puts on them as a gay couple – based on a true story: My Green Folder.

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